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Motion Trails

Motion Trails

This collection was taken in Central Christchurch, New Zealand in September 2004 during the Art and Industry SCAPE Biennial. The tree that is visible in some shots was lit very nicely as the wayfinders for the LightSCAPE part of the exhibition.

Obviously, this uses deliberate motion blur, but it is inspired by the parallels with my concepts of PaintSpace, in that it starts with a 3D series of points of light, or ‘bristles’, which move as a concerted ‘brush’, leaving a trail of ‘paint’ behind them as they move through space and time. Thus, I consider movement of the camera to be movement of a large, 3D paint brush, so I use a variety of painting techniques that are similar to those used in PaintSpace. The major differences are the center of rotation and that one moves the paintbrush, while the other moves the camera.

All originals are 4MP (2304x1708). Contact me if you are interested in purchases.

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