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Versatile Helix

The Multiplicities of the Helix

The helix is a facinatingly simple, yet complex structure. Not only does it have interesting mathematical and geometric properties which make it readily adopted in the organic and syntetic worlds, it is also visually facinating as it can appear to be a completely different object when viewed from different angles. This ties in to my interest in perspectives. And I like the many connections to the double helix - the founding structure that makes possible all of the infinite variations of life, but can also look completely different when viewed using different techniques (X-Ray Crytallography, Electron Microscope, Traditional Microscope, Ball-and-Stick visualisations, Shell visualisations etc). Below are a small handful of images that start to reveal the multiplicities of the helix.

Helix as Birds

Helix as Fish

Helix as threads of TukuTuku - a kind of Maori weaving. Interestingly, some TukuTuku patterns can also represent fish and birds... This line of investigation actually started with trying to represent TukuTuku. These are also a form of double helix - if you one of the pairs of threads and rotate them about 120 degrees you get a pretty close approximation of the double helix of life.


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